The Queen was photographed on her way to Balmoral for a summer vacation without her beloved Prince Philip.


The Queen was photographed on her way to Balmoral for a summer vacation without her beloved Prince Philip.

THE Queen has been photographed leaving for her first summer break without Prince Philip in Balmoral.

The monarch, who is 95 years old, was seen being taken from Windsor Castle to the airport for her yearly trip to Scotland earlier today. The Queen sat in the back of a Range Rover wearing a turquoise dress and sunglasses.

Is this Her Majesty’s first summer without her loving spouse at Balmoral Castle?

In April, just months before his 100th birthday, the Duke of Edinburgh passed away quietly.

Every year, the Queen spends her summer vacation at Balmoral with other members of the Royal Family.

As Elizabeth prepares for her holiday in the Scottish Highlands without Philip, the royals are sure to gather around her.

Phil Dampier, a royal expert, said earlier this month that Her Majesty was “getting out and about” as the Duke would have liked.

“Some may find it surprising that she is so cheerful so soon after Prince Philip’s death, but I believe there is a simple explanation,” the royal novelist told the Daily Mail.

“I’m sure she was heartbroken when he died; after all, they had been married for 73 years.

“However, I’m sure he told her to enjoy the rest of her life.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t want her to sit around mourning him like Queen Victoria did for Albert, and I’m sure he’d want her to get on with her life.

“Ironically, due of lockdown, they spent a lot more time together at the end.

“His death came as no surprise, and he lived a long and fruitful life.

“The Queen, like him, is a sensible and pragmatic person, and she knows he would encourage her to get out and about.”

With her sparkling recent appearances, the monarch was also honoring a deal she made with Philip, according to royal analyst Richard Kay.

“The two had often discussed how each would cope without the other at their side, and it boiled down to this: whoever was left should mourn, but not for too long, then enjoy what remained of their life,” the royal expert wrote in the Daily Mail.

Following the Duke’s death, the royals held a two-week period of mourning.

The queen has been seen out and about for engagements and events since then.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which will honor her 70 years on the reign, will be celebrated next year.


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