The Queen threatened Fergie with the death of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.


The Queen threatened Fergie with the death of Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.

After the repercussions from Fergie and Prince Andrew’s spectacular divorce, Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family made a “serious suggestion” regarding acquiring custody of the two young princesses.

Following her divorce from Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson had custody difficulties, with the Royal Family suggesting that she be “pushed away” from her two kids, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. According to a royal expert, the House of Windsor believed that royal children should be under their control at all times, and that Fergie should be kept out of royal circles.

“It was put forward as a serious suggestion by the House of Windsor, by the Royal Family, largely because they feel they should always be in control, that they, or rather Andrew, would have custody of the children,” royal author Tom Quinn said in the Channel 5 documentary “When Fergie Met the Monarchy.”

“Sarah would be pushed away, or rather, would have visiting rights, and I know Sarah’s father was upset and spoke to the press at the time.”

“I believe it’s absolutely awful and pretty incomprehensible that there should be these ideas that she should lose custody,” Fergie’s father, Major Ronald Ferguson, told reporters outside his home in Hampshire about the rumours of her losing custody.

“I believe it’s inhumane and terrible, and I think it’s hurtful, desperately hurtful.”

After months of speculation in the press, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson confirmed their separation in March 1992.

Since 1991, there have been reports of marital strife, with Fergie supposedly struggling with her husband’s naval career, which regularly took him away for several months at a time.

Following their separation, the Duchess of York caused a stir in the Royal Family when she was pictured topless, kissing her toes with American banker John Bryan.

The photographs were widely mocked, and her relationship with the Royal Family deteriorated as a result of their release.

The photographs apparently infuriated Prince Philip, who asked that she be removed from royal circles.

Despite reports that the Duchess of York would lose custody of her two kids, she and Prince Andrew eventually agreed to co-parent the young princesses.

Eugenie and Beatrice, on the other hand, were not permitted to accompany them to Sandringham for Christmas or to Balmoral for the summer holidays.

During the “Brinkwire Summary News,” Fergie’s relationship with the Royal Family did not improve.


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