The Queen is ‘losing her grip’ on the Royal Family as the Platinum Jubilee approaches.


The Queen is ‘losing her grip’ on the Royal Family as the Platinum Jubilee approaches.

According to one royal expert, the Queen is “losing her grip” on the monarchy, amid rising concerns for the Royal Family ahead of next year’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

According to a royal specialist, the Queen is “losing her hold on the monarchy.” As Tina Brown prepares to issue a sequel to The Diana Chronicles, TalkRADIO presenter Cristo Foufas mentioned the newest tell-all bombshell novel to hit the royals. People were “queuing up to wreck the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year,” Charlie Rae, a former royal editor at The Sun, told the radio host.

Next year, the Queen will mark her 70th year on the throne while the country celebrates its Platinum Jubilee.

Mr Rae, on the other hand, predicted that a succession of “tell-all bombshell novels” about the royals will dominate the year.

He stated that the Queen’s celebration plans would be jeopardized as a result of these book launches.

Ms Brown’s book, The Palace Papers: Inside The House Of Windsor – The Truth And The Turmoil, will be released in April, just months before Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir “She’s promised a slew of surprises.

“She’ll talk about Andrew, Harry, and Meghan, as well as the Queen.

“I feel terrible for the Queen because there are so many books coming out next year, not least a memoir by her grandson.

“You’d think they were planning to sabotage her Platinum Jubilee the next year.”

“Apparently this book will address the Queen losing her grip on the monarchy,” Cristo answered.

Is this because of the fallout from the Megxit vote, the fact that the brothers aren’t speaking, and Andrew’s legal woes?”

“She’s piecing together all the things that have gone wrong recently for the poor old Queen,” Mr Rae explained.

Ms Brown’s book, according to The Times, “promises to explore the tension between Prince William and Harry.”

In July, it was discovered that Harry has been working on a book for nearly a year.

The book by the Duke of Sussex is set to be released in late 2022.

The Queen made her first public appearance this week as she formally began the new session of the Scottish Parliament.

She paid respect to “those who have made an amazing contribution to the lives of others” during the COVID-19 pandemic during her speech at the occasion.

On her yearly break, the monarch has been in Scotland. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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