‘The Queen is insane!’ Prior to trips, royal protection was compelled to train foreign police.


‘The Queen is insane!’ Prior to trips, royal protection was compelled to train foreign police.

THE QUEEN has perplexed royal security officers, who are taken aback by her attitude toward opponents.

Professor Richard Aldrich, a royal author and historian, stated that the Queen has been labeled “crazy” by some foreign security agencies. He added the Queen is confident and comfortable driving at slow speeds with open-top carriages so she can view the audience when chatting to Kate Thornton on the True Royalty show. He went on to say that security forces should be taught ahead of foreign visits because they are used to driving at 70 mph around key leaders.

Ms. Thornton expressed her thoughts as follows: “Having an open-top carriage is something the Queen does frequently.

“She is quite unique in that regard, isn’t she? It makes her a sitting target.”

Professor Aldrich’s response was as follows: “When the Queen travels abroad, one of the things the Queen’s team has to do is training local security personnel.

“This is because, if you’re Putin or the Turkish Prime Minister, you’re used to being whisked around in an armoured car at 70 miles per hour.

“For the Queen, she’s like, ‘no one wants to murder me; I need to see these people; they’re great and they’re my people.'”

The royal specialist also discussed how international security officials reacted to the Queen’s decision.

He stated, ” “They need to teach the security guards not to drive at 70 miles per hour.

“Everyone says ‘the Queen is insane,’ yet she always gets away with it.”

The royal expert also brought up one of the Queen’s most perilous times throughout her reign.

Professor Aldrich (Aldrich): “Although no kidnapping attempts have been made, there have been countless assassination attempts.

“In 1977, the most dangerous situation arose.

“The Shah is visiting Britain; he is a critical ally and a very significant figure, and they will be attending Ascot.

“According to the security staff, you must travel in an armored automobile, a tank, or something similar.

“This is because the Shah is a high-value target, yet he wants to travel in an open-top carriage at 10 mph.

“They set off at a time when every self-respecting terrorist in Europe wishes to assassinate the Shah.

“They go to Ascot and get away with it,” says the narrator.


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