The Queen has a’secret booze tunnel’ beneath the palace that leads to one of London’s most prestigious clubs.


The Queen has a’secret booze tunnel’ beneath the palace that leads to one of London’s most prestigious clubs.

Princess Eugenie’s husband claims that the Queen has a hidden “booze tunnel” beneath Buckingham Palace.

According to The Sun, the extraordinary allegation was made by Jack Brooksbank, who claimed that a tunnel exists beneath one of Her Majesty’s palaces to allow members of the Royal Family to secretly travel to a cocktail bar. At a reception hosted by his drinks company Casamigos, Mr Brooksbank allegedly shared the knowledge with the Daily Mail’s royal editor, Richard Eden. “There is one to Dukes Bar from St James’s Palace,” Mr Eden alleged Brooksbank added.

“I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m interested in doing so.”

The Dukes Bar is located in the luxurious Dukes Hotel in the Mayfair district of central London.

The bar is known for its “legendary” Martini, which the New York Times calls “one of the best in the world.”

Presenter Kate Garraway offered viewers a tour of Buckingham Palace on ITV’s Good Morning Britain in 2015.

“This is the White Drawing Room,” the presenter said to the camera.

“”Doesn’t it look lovely?”

The host then explained that a giant mirror in one of the rooms conceals a secret door through which Her Majesty can enter unexpectedly.

“If you pull this open, you’ll notice that there’s a secret corridor leading to the Queen’s private rooms,” she explained.

“This is the way to the Queen’s chambers,” said Anna Reynolds, keeper of the Royal Collection.

“When the Queen meets with visitors, they often line up in the Music Room for her to meet.

“It enables her to enter without having to pass through all of the many palace chambers.”

The announcement comes after Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon characterized the Queen as the Scottish Parliament’s “steadfast friend.”

On Saturday, the Queen met with Ms Sturgeon for the official start of the Scottish Parliament’s new session.

By addressing climate change, the Monarch urged members of the Scottish Parliament to “help create a better, healthier future.”

“The start of a new session is a moment for renewal,” the Queen, 95, stated.

“It’s a time for new ideas, and it’s a chance to think about the future and future generations.”


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