The public is astounded at the world’s smallest cow, which can be carried up under one arm.


The public is astounded at the world’s smallest cow, which can be carried up under one arm.

Despite a national curfew, thousands are going to a farm in Bangladesh to view what may be the world’s tiniest cow.

Due to its extraordinarily small size, thousands of people have traveled to view the 23-month-old Bhutti, or Bhutanese. Rani the cow’s owners claim she is the world’s tiniest cow, standing 51cm (20in) tall and weighing 28kg (62lb).

Rani is 10 cm shorter than the current record holder, according to the owners.

Hasan Howladar, the farm manager, is attempting to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

The cow resides on a farm near Dhakta’s capital, Charigram, where more than 15,000 people have paid a visit.

“Despite the coronavirus lockdown, people travel large distances,” Howlader told AFP.

“The majority of people want to take selfies with Rani.

“In the last three days, more than 15,000 visitors have visited Rani.

“To be honest, we’re exhausted.”

Bangladesh is now in the midst of a nationwide state of emergency. It was prolonged for another week due to Covid cases breaking new records.

The farm manager added, “We didn’t expect such a high level of enthusiasm.”

“Because of the deteriorating viral scenario, we didn’t believe people would leave their houses.

“However, they have flocked in droves.”

Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records will visit Rani later this year to certify the record.

Rina Begum, a tourist, told BBC Bangla, “I have never seen anything like this in my life.”

In Bangladesh, a Bhutti cow is treasured for its flesh, but Rani’s owners have stated that they have no plans to sell the cow.

Last year, Mr Howladar purchased Rani from another farm.

They keep Rani away from the others because she is terrified of the other cows and has difficulty walking, he told the BBC.

“She isn’t a big eater. Mr Howladar said that she eats a small amount of bran and straw twice a day.

“She enjoys going for walks outside and appears to be content when we have her in our arms.”


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