The Prime Minister has been urged to remove ALL Covid restrictions, claiming that he has “lost credibility.”


Boris Johnson has been urged to lift ALL Covid restrictions, claiming that he has “lost credibility.”

Plan B Covid measures will be in place until January 26th, according to BORIS JOHNSON.

However, this website polled readers to see if they think it’s time to remove all restrictions, and the overwhelming majority said yes.

After data showed a record one in every 15 people in England had Omicron on New Year’s Eve, the Prime Minister wants mandatory mask-wearing, working from home, and vaccine passports to be extended for another three weeks.

The Prime Minister’s decision has enraged Tory MPs, who have demanded that restrictions be lifted while hospitalizations and deaths are low in comparison to previous variant spikes.

In a poll of 1,310 Express readers conducted from January 5 to 6, 71% said the UK should completely remove Covid restrictions, 27% said it should not, and 2% said they were unsure.

One reader brought up the recent Conservative Party Christmas party scandal, in which members of the party partied during the lockdown.

“After what Johnson and his government have done, they can no longer expect everyone else to obey lockdown because they have lost all credibility,” they said.

“They still believe it was perfectly acceptable for Johnson and his colleagues to ignore the lockdown rules they had imposed, despite the fact that tens of millions of Britons obeyed them at great personal cost, many in extremely difficult and tragic circumstances.”

“Of course he should,” another reader, Mark, said. “We’ve been living on our knees for far too long.”

If that’s not enough, I’ve had three covid jabs, one flu jab, as well as shingles and pneumonia jabs.

Others, however, were skeptical, with one person asking, “Why would you scrap isolation with a highly contagious virus?”

When asked if all isolation rules should be scrapped, 55 percent said yes, 26 percent said only the vaccinated should be exempt, and 18 percent said no.

“Fully vaccinated and boosted should have no restrictions, no isolation, nada,” one voter, Gareth, said.

“Unvaccinated people must have a LFT test at least three times a week, with a PCR if necessary, and must be isolated for seven days if they test positive.”

“The unvaccinated should have proof of a recent negative test,” they added.

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