The Prime Minister has been requested to reduce the cost of Covid testing in order to save the summer.


The Prime Minister has been requested to reduce the cost of Covid testing in order to save the summer.

COvid travel tests should be exempt from VAT, according to Boris Johnson, saving families hundreds of pounds. The punishing prices of exams, according to travel industry officials and lawmakers, are jeopardizing the sector’s revival and unfairly penalizing Britons searching for a long-awaited foreign vacation.

In addition, the PM has threatened to demote Rishi Sunak following allegations that the Chancellor has advocated for travel restrictions to be relaxed. Even if adults have been vaccinated, a family of four traveling to Spain might pay more than £1,300 for PCR tests, which includes a necessary test before returning to the UK and a day two PCR test once home. According to the Sunday Express, there have been discussions in government about abolishing VAT, which adds 20% to test prices.

Industry figures had been instructed to prepare for “a substantial Government pronouncement” on the subject in the coming days, fuelling anticipation that the price might finally come down.

Last night, though, a Treasury insider provoked outrage by saying that removing the holiday tax is “absolutely not something we are looking at.”

Tensions have erupted at the highest levels of government on the subject of travel.

Last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May, requesting that travel restrictions be relaxed since they were harming the economy. Mr Johnson, on the other hand, learned about the letter after it was publicized in the media.

It was reported yesterday that he was so enraged by the alleged leak that he threatened to demote Mr Sunak to health secretary. However, a Downing Street insider claimed that the Prime Minister was “joking” when he made the remarks.

With a dizzying array of frequently shifting restrictions, international travel has been a challenging pandemic issue for the government.

It was only last week that it was revealed that Mexico would be placed on the red list as of this morning.

Travelers, some of whom were already on their way when the change was revealed, were faced with large bills. They had to pick between returning to the UK before this morning’s deadline or paying thousands of pounds to remain in a quarantine hotel once they returned.

Boris Johnson’s personal poll ratings have hit a new low as a result of the misunderstanding over the government’s handling of the situation.

Opinium discovered that his net approval rating has dropped to a new low of -16, down from -13. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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