The ‘perfect house catfish,’ according to Tiktokker, is a magnificent £500k dwelling… Can you figure out why it’s so cheap?


The ‘perfect house catfish,’ according to Tiktokker, is a magnificent £500k dwelling… Can you figure out why it’s so cheap?

After detecting a vital feature in the property’s advert, an eagle-eyed Tiktokker has branded a magnificent £500k villa as the “ultimate catfish.”

Lisa Tran, a real estate enthusiast, observed that a three-bedroom home in Abbotsford, Melbourne, was on the market for a lower price and couldn’t figure out why.

“Compare this to other residences, the asking price would (typically) be between $1.5 million and $1.6 million (£870,000),” she explained.

“You’d expect it to look like a pile of s*** if it was going for a million dollars (£500,000).”

“I’m talking about a death in it or a toilet that isn’t connected to the house.”

Ms Tran points out that, given the property’s range of spectacular interior amenities, it’s difficult to spot any differences between it and others on the market in a TikTok clip that has been viewed over 4.9 million times.

The home features an open plan living area, refurbished bedrooms, a fancy suite bathroom, and a double sink kitchen, according to her.

“A European laundry, split system heating/cooling, high ceilings with elegant cornices, timber floors, gas hot water, and garden storage” are among the other desired features.

However, upon closer inspection, Lisa discovered train tracks directly adjacent to the house, much to her chagrin.

This is due to the fact that the property’s seller, Nelson Alexander, reportedly failed to mention the considerable eyesore when selling the home online to possible purchasers.

Despite the serious defect, the firm referred to the home as “minimal maintenance” and “immaculately displayed.”

According to, the house was eventually sold for $1,080,000 (£587,000) on September 27.

The strange discovery comes only months after a deteriorating one-story home in New Zealand with missing walls was sold for more than £1 million despite the lack of a toilet.

After going under the hammer in June, the run-down Auckland property stunned purchasers when it sold for a fortune.

The mansion was evaluated at $1.65 million (£830,000) by the local council, who said it needed roughly £100,000 in upgrades.

However, bidding for the bogless home began at $1.75 million (£888,000) and quickly skyrocketed, much to the surprise of residents, according to Stuff.

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