The only people who criticize Britain are other Brits, and I’m sick of it! SAXTY, JONATHAN.


The only people who criticize Britain are other Brits, and I’m sick of it! SAXTY, JONATHAN.

You’ll hear a lot in the media right now about Britain’s relative fall and how, at the very least post-Afghanistan, the UK needs to start cutting its coat to fit its cloth.

This kind of terminology isn’t new. For decades, predicting British collapse has been a national pastime, with proponents seizing on whatever setback the country suffers as proof of their dismal view. However, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr once stated, if you plan on failing, you will fail. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in effect. Those who jump on every hit the UK suffers are also more likely to overlook the country’s positive aspects.

Only four countries outperform the UK in terms of global GDP, while the UK is one of only five nuclear-weapons states (and permanent members of the UN security council). The United Kingdom is also one of just a few blue-water fleets on the planet.

Those who think the UK can no longer rely on Uncle Sam are often the same folks who view the UK as a washed-up has-been of a country. Surely, the former renders the latter impossible.

In other words, the UK doesn’t have the luxury of opting out of the Great Power game if it wants to defend its most valuable assets.

Rather than relying on a euro-alliance (which has no chance of succeeding because the EU cannot even cohere as a military force), the UK is in the unusual position of having a CANZUK alliance, in which geographic distance is a distinct advantage.

So, if not the United Kingdom, who will it be? To put it another way, what do we believe the future holds if the UK engages in self-relegation while the US retreats into glorious isolation – and the EU (with or without Merkel) has little to no chance of getting its act together on the global stage?

The UK has the opportunity to construct a bold and powerful post-Brexit future alongside CANZUK (especially if Erin O’Toole is elected Canadian Prime Minister next month), with a Five Eyes alliance and a track record in postwar Japan and Korea.

Regrettably, the United Kingdom appears to be actively pursuing strategic contraction.

However, no one is forcing this on you from the outside. The only one. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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