The ONE region where lengthy Covid cases are SOARING has been mapped.


The ONE region where lengthy Covid cases are SOARING has been mapped.

LONG Covid symptoms can linger for months after the original infection, but where in the UK have the highest rates of long Covid been reported?

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom have been afflicted by Long Covid. The illness is still being researched to see why some people become extremely ill while others recover rapidly. Although society has almost fully reopened, there are still concerns that with the reopening to schools this week, lengthy Covid would disproportionately affect people who have not yet been properly vaccinated or who require a booster vaccination.

Coronavirus first appeared in the UK in January 2020, and more than 6.7 million people have tested positive for the virus since then.

COVID-19 can produce a variety of symptoms while infected, but in some tragic cases, symptoms can last for weeks or months after the infection has passed.

Long Covid is what it’s called, and it affects everyone differently – if at all.

Many people report feeling better in just a few days or weeks.

According to the NHS, most people recover completely from COVID-19 within 12 weeks.

However, some people’s symptoms can linger longer than this time frame.

Long Covid can cause the following symptoms:

Long Covid is currently the subject of a significant amount of research.

According to King’s College London’s analysis of various research and health record databases, one to two percent of persons in their 20s who had the virus would acquire long Covid, compared to five percent of people in their 60s.

Researchers from John Hopkins University School of Medicine published a review article this week that identified links between extended Covid and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The researchers believe that a deeper knowledge of the overlap between the two conditions may help to shape future therapies for a variety of post-viral ailments.

According to data released by the Office for National Statistics on August 5, an estimated 945,000 people in private households in the UK were suffering from long-term Covid symptoms.

This translates to 1.46 percent of the British population, a little decrease from the 1.49 percent reported on June 6.

835,000 (88.4%) of participants with self-reported lengthy COVID had COVID-19 for the first time at least 12 weeks ago, and 380,000 (40.2%) had COVID-19 for the first time at least 12 weeks ago (or suspected they had). “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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