The number of Covid cases in the UK has increased by 42,302 since January, marking the biggest increase since January.


The number of Covid cases in the UK has increased by 42,302 since January, marking the biggest increase since January.

Just days before Boris Johnson wants to totally free the country on Freedom Day, the UK has announced 42,302 new cases of coronavirus.

Within 28 days following a positive test, the UK recorded 42,302 new cases and 49 deaths on Wednesday, July 14. Since January 15, when over 55,000 instances were reported, the data represent the largest daily increase in Covid cases.

According to government data, 46,037,090 of the 81,192,857 Covid injections administered in the UK thus far were first doses, up 59,073 from the previous day.

Second dosages accounted for 35,155,767, an increase of 158,276.

As the number of cases rises, health officials are urging people to be vaccinated as Independence Day approaches on July 19, with experts predicting 200 deaths each day despite the immunization campaign’s protection.

In reaction to the rising number of coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined a cautious approach to England’s “Freedom Day” on July 19, which will see all remaining legal coronavirus restrictions repealed.

“Cases are fast rising,” said Dr. Yvonne Doyle, medical director of Public Health England. We expected instances to rise as we opened more locations, but thanks to the vaccine, deaths and hospital admissions are not increasing at the same rate as cases.

“If you haven’t gotten the vaccine yet, make an appointment for your first and second doses as soon as possible.

“Restrictions are still in effect; it is critical to adhere to them. When they are lifted on Monday, there are still steps we can all take to protect ourselves and loved ones, such as wearing a mask in enclosed spaces, opening a window if meeting in close contact indoors, and getting tested and staying at home if you have symptoms.

“The pandemic is far from ended, and we must all maintain our vigilance.”

It comes amid a tense debate over the wearing of face coverings on public transportation, with six Metro Mayors from across England challenging the Prime Minister’s decision to abolish the requirement to cover one’s face in all circumstances.

Because the government decided to loosen regulations, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was obligated to act to make masks a requirement for travel across the capital’s transportation network.

The move, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, is “very much in line” with what ministers desire. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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