The New Year: take drones to Edinburgh in 2021



In 2021, without the usual street parties this year, the people of Scotland rang out.

To replace the country’s popular party season, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay organizers released “drone swarm” videos.

In a “Fare Well,” the video series, titled “beautiful ode to Scotland.” shows a swarm of 150 illuminated drones forming symbols and animals.

Just an Excuse, Study, BBC1 Scotland.

Every video is voiced by David Tennant, the actor, and features verses written by Jackie Kay, the official poet of Scotland.

While they seem to fly over landmarks like Edinburgh Castle, before being edited into other video, the drones were flown elsewhere.

The producers of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Underbelly, claim that it is the largest drone show ever made in the UK.

In the Highlands, the drones were flown before being put in shots filmed separately around Edinburgh, because of corona virus restrictions, they said.

Director Charlie Wood said, “We want to ring out the old year in 2020 and ring out a message of hope at a world-class event in the new year.”

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Hope is the New Year’s universal message, and ours is no exception – with a creatively led and proudly Scottish celebration, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay has taken it upon itself to sing it from the rooftops.

“We’re grateful to our creative team and the City of Edinburgh Council, EventScotland, the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland for helping us create a unique and special moment for people around the world.”


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