The ‘New UKIPs’ are on the rise, according to Nigel Farage – JONATHAN SAXTY


JONATHAN SAXTY reports that Nigel Farage is correct that the ‘New UKIPs’ are on the rise.

Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party, and current GB News broadcaster, laid out the case today for why a UKIP-style surge of discontent is building in the Red Wall of Conservative seats won in 2019 on the back of calls to ‘get Brexit done.’

Voters in these once-solidly Labour constituencies, dissatisfied with the direction of travel, could seriously jeopardize the chances of newly-elected Red Wall MPs in the next general election.

According to Mr Farage, a recent poll shows Labour leading by 16 percent in the key seats that Boris Johnson needs to win the next general election, while a separate constituency poll reveals a new right-wing threat.

Mr Farage warned that the latest Focal Data poll puts Reform UK, led by Richard Tice, at 15% in Barnsley Central, with a similar pattern across other Red Wall seats, drawing a comparison to the situation a decade ago.

The electorates in those seats, having only broken with Labour over Brexit, are unlikely to remain unconditionally loyal to the Conservatives – and many are dissatisfied with the Government’s course.

Alternative parties, on the other hand, are up against it.

Fortunately for the Conservatives and Labour, the UK political system, which is based on first-past-the-post voting, is extremely unkind to all parties except those two.

The success of UKIP in the European Parliament was largely due to a more democratic voting system for MEP elections.

Second, the existence of not one but two right-of-centre alternative parties could effectively neutralize any threat to the Conservatives.

There’s still a chance that Reform UK and Reclaim will park on each other’s lawns and vote for each other.

Finally, according to reports, senior cabinet ministers are “on manoeuvres” as Boris Johnson’s vulnerability at the top of the party grows.

According to recent data, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is now the frontrunner to succeed Boris.

In time for the next election, new blood at the top could have a significant impact on the Conservatives’ appeal.

Nonetheless, the right-wing alternative may be experiencing its best period in a long time.

Alternative voices now have GB News to amplify their message, with sympathetic ears in many.

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