‘The name of their game is self-generated publicity!’ An analyst has analyzed Harry and Meghan in great detail.


‘The name of their game is self-generated publicity!’ An analyst has analyzed Harry and Meghan in great detail.

A royal expert has lambasted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, claiming that “self-generated publicity” is the “name of their game” in a scathing attack on the Sussexes.

Caroline Aston launched the blistering critique during an appearance on GB News on Saturday, claiming that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had devised a strategy to keep them in the public spotlight while working outside of the Royal Family.

She cited a recent visit to New York as an example of this, saying that it “resembled a state visit.”

“The meetings, the greets, the pageantry,” Ms Aston criticized.

“This oh-so quiet couple who shied away from the spotlight…“But appear to have become immensely public property.”

Despite her own views, the royal commentator acknowledged that “quite a few Americans” are clamoring for the Sussexes to relinquish their titles.

She went on to say that many have questioned their frequent state visit-style appearances despite the fact that they are no longer members of the Royal Family or carrying out official engagements.

“There is always southing going on with the Sussexes,” Ms Aston stated.

“And, let’s be honest, self-generated publicity is their game.”

She went on to say that this must be done in order for the couple to “get the mega-buck agreements.”

As she tore into the Sussexes, the royal expert said that this means they may continue to “fill those coffers.”

But, in a playful dig at the California-based couple, she said that Prince Charles’ financial assistance for the Sussexes had been “so mercilessly emptied down to the last few millions.”

The remarks were made as the Sussexes made their first combined appearances in New York since the birth of their daughter, Lilibet Diana, on June 4.

Harry and Meghan went as part of Global Citizen Live, a campaign to promote equal access to the COVID-19 vaccine and a reading at a Harlem school.

However, the pair received some backlash for their visit, notably the fact that they flew back to Montecito by private jet after speaking out against climate change.

“Turning up at an impoverished school in Harlem, in a couture coat that costs more than the combined incomes of most of those parents,” royal critic Katie Nicholl said.


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