The mother’s anguish as her baby girl suffers significant brain damage as a result of a tragic paddling pool accident.


The mother’s anguish as her baby girl suffers significant brain damage as a result of a tragic paddling pool accident.

Following a horrific paddling pool accident, a mother’s baby suffered significant brain damage, leaving her sad.

On July 19, Katie Burton, 33, was in Bolton with her family, enjoying a hot summer day. The mother-of-two, who is also 36 weeks pregnant with her third kid, was outside playing with her children when they decided to go inside to cool off.

George, three, walked away from his mother and went into another room to watch TV.

One of them, Penelope, went out after George.

Katie discovered Penelope laying still in the water when she went to the kitchen.

The young lady had entered the lawn through the open patio doors and had fallen into the enormous paddling pool by accident.

Penelope was face down and completely lifeless when her mother arrived at the pool.

Katie retrieved Penelope from the water and began CPR immediately after shouting for her father Grant to call an ambulance.

The girl was evacuated to Manchester Children’s Hospital by emergency vehicles, including an air ambulance, who arrived quickly on the spot.

Penelope was transferred to the neurological unit for ten weeks after a week in a coma.

The girl had suffered a significant brain injury, according to scans. She can’t sit, speak, or eat because she can’t sit, speak, or eat.

Doctors couldn’t give Katie any hope that her kid would ever recover from the horrific event.

Katie told the Manchester Evening News about her terrifying experience of discovering her kid in the water.

“I was numb, I was so stunned,” she told the newspaper. I was unable to think.

“All I could think was, ‘Oh my god, don’t leave me.'”

She and Grant have been teaching Penelope “everything from the beginning” for the past few weeks.

The family has set up a fundraiser on JustGiving through the charity Just4Children to help Penelope recuperate from the horrific occurrence.

Katie has requested £125,000 for a trial in the United States that uses stem cells from a sibling’s umbilical cord to heal brain injury, as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, physio and rehab sessions, specific equipment, and house modifications.

Katie stated that the “astonishing sum” reflects Penelope’s “best chance” of recovering from the tragic tragedy.

The fundraiser has already raised £113,054, which is nearly 90% of the family’s total target.

After her family’s tragedy, Katie said she wants “everyone to learn CPR,” adding, “Hopefully people won’t ever need it, but.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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