The migrant problem in the English Channel: Germany is a magnet for people smugglers.


The migrant problem in the English Channel: Germany is a magnet for people smugglers.

GERMANY has become a hub for human trafficking, attracting the vast majority of migrants attempting to reach the United Kingdom via France.

It is estimated that 60 percent of asylum seekers who cross the Channel in small boats do not arrive in France within 24 hours. This shows that migrants are being moved through France by coordinated smuggling operations hours before they cross the border.

Many of the people traffickers prey on are now traveling to the Netherlands and Belgium before being put onto small dinghies and boats by criminal gangs.

“Germany has established itself as the established hub for criminal gangs and the gang matching that occurs,” a government source said.

In recent weeks, at least ten migrants have perished attempting to cross the border.

The majority of the criminal gangs are dispersed along the usual routes from the Middle East to the United Kingdom. Migrants pay them approximately 4,000 euros each to cross the Channel.

Senior officials are concerned that the French Gendarmerie Nationale and municipal police patrolling beaches are insufficient to combat the gangs.

There were 3,500 officers posted in Calais at the height of the crisis five years ago, but there are now only a few hundred – mostly paid for by Britain.

On the subject, President Emmanuel Macron accused Britain of swinging “between collaboration and provocation.”

Mr Macron acknowledged that the presence of asylum seekers is disrupting life in northern France as recent police aggression escalated, with one officer’s ear being bitten off and CS gas being deployed to disperse a huge migrant group.

“The actual problem with unlawful migratory flows is that the EU has no border controls at all,” Home Secretary Priti Patel stated last week.

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