The migrant crisis has been blinded by Emmanuel Macron’s “hatred of Brexit.”


The migrant crisis has been blinded by Emmanuel Macron’s “hatred of Brexit.”

According to a columnist, EMMANUEL MACRON’S “hatred of Brexit has blinded him” to the migrant crisis because he sees it as the “perfect stick” with which to beat post-Brexit Britain.

The current rift between the UK and France, sparked by the post-Brexit fishing row, has heightened tensions between the two capitals.

On Wednesday, 27 people died trying to cross the English Channel, including 17 men, seven women, two teenage boys, and a girl.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced claiming that the United Kingdom had offered to provide extra ground troops to patrol French beaches.

On sovereignty grounds, Paris is said to have rejected the offer.

In addition, the United Kingdom has pledged £54 million to France in order to increase patrols in the country’s north.

Sarah Vine claims that the tragedy is “a direct result of spectacular incompetence on both sides of the Channel” in an opinion piece for The Daily Mail.

She also claimed that in the run-up to crucial elections, the French President is more concerned about his own image.

“The human cost of this situation appears to matter far less to the French president than his own reputation as the scourge of Boris Johnson in European political circles,” Ms Vine said.

“Macron sees this situation as the perfect stick with which to beat post-Brexit Britain,” Ms Vine claims in her piece, titled “Emmanuel Macron’s hatred of Brexit has blinded him to the unfolding human catastrophe.”

“Punish the Government politically for failing to stem the flow of immigration despite, nominally at least, having fought hard to ‘take back control’ of the borders,” she believes Mr Macron sees the opportunity.

“The most important thing for Macron is that Brexit is seen as a failure; one can’t help but think this objective has blinded him to the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding on his doorstep,” Ms Vine wrote.

Since the tragedy, more crossing attempts have resumed.

President Macron stated that the United Kingdom must stop politicizing the issue for domestic gain, while his interior minister, Gerald Darmanin, stated that the United Kingdom must be a part of the solution.

Mr. Macron stated that the EU’s border agency, Frontex, should be given more funding to protect the bloc’s external borders, preventing migrants from congregating on France’s northern shores.

In recent weeks, Britain has accused the.

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