The Metropolitan Police Service has issued an urgent warning ahead of Freedom Day, stating that the virus has not yet been defeated.


The Metropolitan Police Service has issued an urgent warning ahead of Freedom Day, stating that the virus has not yet been defeated.

The Metropolitan Police Service in London has advised Britons to “act responsibly” when the coronavirus restrictions come to an end on Monday.

On July 19, nicknamed “Freedom Day,” all Covid restrictions are lifted, with face masks and social isolation no longer required. However, as experts predict an increase in instances and a probable return to lockdown, the Metropolitan Police Service has urged Londoners to act responsibly.

The Met Police warned in a statement that “the virus has not yet been vanquished” and that people should “be careful.”

Met officials will be “very visible,” according to the statement, but will not be enforcing Covid limits.

According to the post, the “number one priority” for Met police will be to reduce violence in the city.

They went on to say that they are “proud of the brave efforts of individuals and companies throughout the capital.”

The Met’s strategic lead for coronavirus, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, said in a statement that the force knows “people throughout the capital eagerly desire the same life as before the virus.”

“Now that the limitations are loosening, I know people all throughout the capital are ready to resume their lives as they were before the virus,” she remarked.

“While Monday’s relief is good, we must all keep in mind that the virus’s fight is far from done.

“We should all continue to act responsibly, listening to government guidelines on how to keep our friends and family safe by being tested periodically and isolating if you exhibit symptoms of the virus,” says the author.

Professor Chris Whitty recently warned that the UK is still “not out of the woods.”

Covid hospitalizations were tripling every three weeks, he said, and may reach “dangerous” levels in the future.

“I don’t think we should underestimate the idea that we may get into problems again very quickly,” he said in an online session held by the Science Museum on Thursday evening.

“I believe that just because hospital admissions are low currently does not guarantee that they will remain low in five, six, seven, or eight weeks.

“They have the potential to be pretty serious.”

In the United Kingdom, 51,870 new cases and 49 deaths were reported within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test on July 16.

The virus has caused 5,332,371 cases and 128,642 fatalities in the United Kingdom.

As of July 15, there are 3,964 patients in the hospital, including 551 on ventilators.

Another 61,681 first-dose coronavirus vaccines and 201,893 second-dose coronavirus vaccines were given out. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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