The Met Office predicts a ‘last of summer’ heat wave with temperatures reaching 24 degrees Celsius before the weekend downpour.


The Met Office predicts a ‘last of summer’ heat wave with temperatures reaching 24 degrees Celsius before the weekend downpour.

THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER has arrived, signaling the beginning of the autumn season. However, the last days of summer may arrive in the UK this week, with temperatures as high as 24°C expected in certain regions.

Summer 2021 has been largely viewed as a washout, with heavy rain and overcast putting the season on hold. Although the calendar has turned to autumn, there may still be some mild weather this week.

The weather is “looking to remain rather settled across the UK throughout the remainder of this week,” according to Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon.

For the most part, the week will be gloomy, although there is a chance of some warm weather.

Mr Claydon predicted that temperatures would be in the low 20s.

However, maximum temperatures in areas of Scotland might reach 24°C on Thursday.

The warm weather is expected to continue in Scotland on Friday, with temperatures reaching 22 degrees Celsius in some locations.

In their prognosis for the UK, the Met Office predicts “mostly good and dry” weather from Friday to Sunday, with “sunny spells” possible.

However, due to an area of low pressure, Mr Claydon predicts “unstable conditions” for the UK starting on Sunday.

According to Alex Burkill, a Met Office forecaster, this week could be the “last of the summery weather” for a long time.

“It’s fair to assume the beginning of the month will be relatively settled, with high pressure dominating,” Mr Burkill added.

“In the east, there will be mist and overcast this week, but in the west, certain locations will undoubtedly reach the low 20s, with a few rays of sunlight thrown in for good measure.

“However, with a protracted period of unsettled conditions and low pressure beginning on Sunday, this may be the last of the warm weather until the end of September.”

Showers and thunderstorms are “increasingly likely” on Sunday, according to the Met Office, especially in southwestern parts.

At this time, it is unknown exactly where this area of low pressure will influence in the United Kingdom.

At this point, the weather forecast for next week is likewise unknown.

“With a region of low pressure dwelling close to the UK at the start of next week, there will most certainly be unsettled conditions for many places, but confidence is low regarding the form of this regime,” according to the Met Office long-range forecast for September 5 to 14.

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