The Met Office has issued a weather warning for the UK and London, predicting severe rain and wind over the weekend.


The Met Office has issued a weather warning for the UK and London, predicting severe rain and wind over the weekend.

The MET OFFICE has issued a number of weather warnings for the UK today, as the start of fall 2021 is marked by strong rain and wind.

The Met Office has predicted a dreary weekend for parts of the United Kingdom. Yellow weather warnings will affect residents in the southeast, particularly those near the coast. People may face severe delays as a result of wind and rain, which could ruin their weekend plans, according to the agency.

A single yellow warning presently extends from Norwich to Weymouth, covering the majority of the southeast coast.

Over the course of a few hours, the impacted area will see severe winds and inches of rain.

A spell of “strong southerly winds” is expected to hit “certain southern and eastern portions of England,” according to the forecast.

Winds will gradually decrease over the weekend, beginning at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Winds might reach gale force levels, according to the warning, which is in effect until 10 p.m. the same day.

Gusts might reach 45 to 55 mph in general, with gusts up to 65 mph in exposed coastal regions.

As a “additional hazard,” they will be accompanied by heavy rain.

The Met Office expects that between 30 and 40mm (1 to 1.5 inches) of rain will fall in three to six hours on Saturday.

Fallout is expected to emerge in five distinct ways this weekend, according to the Met Office.

People could expect delays on all modes of transportation, including roadways, planes, train, and water, according to forecasters.

High-sided trucks may also have problems on exposed roadways, which may pick up sea spray or large waves, making travel much more difficult.

Those who stay at home may lose power and other amenities.

Three regions are under a yellow warning, including:






Brighton and Hove is a town in East Sussex.

Greater London is a metropolitan area in the United Kingdom


The Isle of Wight is a small island off the coast of England




West Sussex, Surrey

Bournemouth Poole and Christchurch Dorset Wiltshire People should, if at all feasible, follow Met Office guidance in order to prepare for tomorrow’s weather.

The service recommends:


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