The Met Office has issued a weather warning for 50 mph gusts and severe rain in the United Kingdom – see the maps.


The Met Office has issued a weather warning for 50 mph gusts and severe rain in the United Kingdom – see the maps.

THE MET OFFICE has issued further weather warnings for the UK, as the country is set to be battered by 50mph gusts and severe downpours.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for wind in the south-east of the United Kingdom, saying that delays in road, rail, air, and ferry travel are extremely possible. It’s also probable that some external structures may be damaged, and the towns impacted – notably those along the shore – will be inundated with spray and strong waves. The warnings encompass the East of England, London and the South East, as well as some portions of the south west, such as Bournemouth and Dorset, according to the Met Office.

“An area of low pressure is forecast to track across the far south and southeast of the UK from the south-west on Tuesday morning,” the yellow warning says.

“Unseasonably high winds are forecast to the south and east of the low center, particularly over coastal beaches and hills.

“Gusts of up to 50 miles per hour are possible here, causing damage to temporary structures and transportation disruption.

“For a period, the strong winds will be accompanied by occasional heavy showers or rain, before heading northeastwards and diminishing from the southwest during Tuesday afternoon.”

Another rain warning has been issued for portions of Scotland and Northern Ireland, this time for Monday.

The following regions and local administrations in Scotland are affected:

The following counties in Northern Ireland are affected:

“Heavy, occasionally thundery, slow moving rains this afternoon and tonight will potentially provide 10-20mm in a few of hours,” the warning adds for Scotland.

“These will most likely occur throughout the day over central and western Scotland, before becoming limited to Scotland’s northwest by the evening.

“Where heavy showers do occur, this could cause considerable transportation disruption as well as the possibility of localized flooding.”

“Slow moving showers will turn heavy and perhaps thundery by the afternoon, most likely across west and central Northern Ireland,” reads the yellow warning for Northern Ireland.

“Where showers do occur, expect 10-15mm to 20mm in a couple of hours, with the possibility of considerable transport disruption and localized flooding.”

The “showers” will have mostly dissipated “through the evening,” according to the notice.

“The next few days will.” Brinkwire Summary News, according to a Met Office spokesperson.


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