The Met Office has hinted at dates for the next heatwave in the UK’s long-term weather forecast.


The Met Office has hinted at dates for the next heatwave in the UK’s long-term weather forecast.

THE HEATWAVE MAY HAVE PASSED FOR NOW, BUT IT WILL RETURN – here’s when and where, according to long-term forecasts.

For much of the UK this week, the recent sunshine has given way to thunderstorms and torrential downpours. However, a look at the long-term forecast reveals that summer isn’t ended yet; it’s just taking a break! Here’s what to anticipate.

While the current zone of low pressure is projected to linger over the UK for the rest of this week and next, there are indicators that it will shift soon after.

“There are tentative signals suggesting that high pressure may become more dominant during the middle of August, bringing more settled, drier, and warmer conditions for many,” according to the Met Office. If this happens, it could usher in a nice warm spell for the end of the school holidays, which will be a welcome relief for parents with children stuck inside this week.

Other forecasts, it appears, are seeing similar early indicators of a heat wave.

Later in August, according to the BBC’s long-range forecast, there is a “increasing possibility for high pressure to be more prominent.”

“We expect low pressure to migrate more towards Scandinavia later in August, allowing high pressure to gradually dry things out and deliver some warmer, sunny days for late August,” the BBC added.

“This should be a gradual process, but we are anticipating a greater possibility of some drier, sunnier weather in the second half of the month,” stated the Netweather long-range forecast, adding that “a period of hot and sunny weather” is predicted in much of the UK in the third week of August.

However, according to Netweather, this “will most likely be one or two brief interludes rather than a sustained anticyclonic stretch.”

“Overall, temperatures are predicted to be above average throughout this period as a result, most likely by around 2C for most parts of the UK, but positive anomalies of nearer 1C are likely in Scotland and Northern Ireland,” the forecast continued.

“Because there are expected to be some unsettled, maybe thundery, interludes over this period, confidence in rainfall totals is low.

“Sunshine totals for most regions of the UK will most likely be above normal.” But first, the UK must prepare for more rain after severe downpours. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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