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The mattress voted best in the world by consumer experts

A mattress voted best in the world by the consumer experts at Choice has launched in Australia – and it promises to give you your best night’s sleep ever.

The Emma Original Mattress was recently named best mattress for 2020 by the Choice Recommended team, and it is so decorated it has been called ‘Europe’s most awarded’ in the past.

The bed – which ranges between $499 and $899 depending on the size you go for – is different from many mattresses, insofar as it is sold in a box and arrives rolled-up and vacuum-packed at your door.

Within the mattress, there is a three centimetre breathable foam layer, followed by two centimetres of visco-elastic memory foam which relieves pressure and 19 centimetres of cold foam at the base.

This is said to be grooved to help to distribute your weight evenly for better pressure relief. 

The three layers of the mattress reportedly use ‘advanced zoning to keep you supported in the areas you need it the most’, while it is made from natural materials, which wick away moisture and keep you cool at night.

‘Thanks to the exceptional motion isolation you’ll never be disturbed by your partner moving on the mattress again,’ product description reads. 

‘The high-quality cover also supports perfect air circulation.’

Since the German mattress first launched in 2015 in Europe, it has sold over one million mattresses globally across 21 different countries.

The award in Australia is just the latest in a string of accolades, including the Which? consumers’ association test in Britain. 

‘At Emma, we are so delighted to not only be a Choice Recommended product, but to also have come out with a top score,’ co-founder Benjamin Quiroga-Rivera told FEMAIL. 

‘Since launching in Australia earlier this year, this has been our first big move into the Australian market and this recognition is truly a testament to our brand and product.’

Reviews online highlight some of the best features of the mattress, which include the warranty.

Each mattress is made and manufactured in Germany, includes a 10 year warranty and 100 night risk free trial including free delivery and returns. 

‘I truly enjoy lying on my mattress and feel as though my sleep has drastically improved so far,’ one reviewer posted.

‘I was a little disappointed with the mattress at first as it seemed a little too firm,’ another added. 

‘But after a few weeks, the mattress started to shape into us. It’s extremely comfortable and once it’s broken in, it feels great.’


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