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The Masked Singer Australia: Proof that the Dragonfly is Courtney Act

As the competition heats up on The Masked Singer, the likes of Sophie Monk, Kate Miller-Heidke and Emma Watkins from The Wiggles have all been suggested as possible candidates for the star behind the Dragonfly mask.

But fans are now convinced that the celebrity under the costume is none other than Australian drag superstar Courtney Act, also known as Shane Jenek.

In a telling sign the theory is correct, the Dragonfly frequently poses with their hand on their hip – which happens to be one of Courtney’s go-to poses. 

Dragonfly’s on-stage tumble has also been likened to Courtney’s infamous near-fall on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2018.

Many viewers rushed to Twitter to claim they had cracked the code.

‘Dragonfly is Courtney Act! I bet everyone,’ one tweeted, while another added: ‘I really think the Dragonfly is Courtney Act and I’m going to be so upset if it isn’t.’

A third viewer wrote: ‘Dragonfly, Courtney Act. I mean, the first syllable is “drag”, it’s so obvious.’

Last week, Sophie Monk categorically denied rumours she was the Dragonfly.

‘Every reality show, people think I’m on it. Singing live on stage would be a massive thing for me,’ she told Now To Love.

Sophie, who used to be a member of the girl group Bardot in the early 2000s, added that it couldn’t be her – because she can’t sing live.

‘Jackie O thought it was me too! She asked if it was me. I said, “Do they have to sing live?” and she said yes,’ Sophie explained.

‘And I was like, “Good luck getting me to sing live! I’m not going to wear that thing on my head and sing live!”‘

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