The man whining about his father’s will has enraged Reddit.


The man whining about his father’s will has enraged Reddit.

Writing a will may seem intimidating, but it can save you a lot of grief in the future.

Making plans for the family’s future will only make things simpler for those left behind after someone passes away. Even when everything has been put in place to prevent problems, they can still occur… For instance, if someone is dissatisfied with the outcome.

This was the case with a Reddit member who asked the community on the prominent internet forum AITA what they thought of his tumultuous family circumstances.

“My father got divorced a year ago from a lady who is not my biological mother, so he merely rewrote his will to leave her out,” he explained.

“I found a copy of his will on his table today, and here is how he distributed it among my family:

“5% goes to my older sister” (they had a financial dispute). 15% to the sole child of my older sister. My younger sister will receive 15% of the proceeds. 15 percent goes to me. My brother gets a quarter of the pie. “I’m giving 25% to my brother’s only child.”

According to The Mirror, the man had “spent more time with his father than anyone else” and believed he had “no interpersonal reason” to offer him less.

He went on to say that he is “incapable of working full-time” due to a disability “that has been proven in a trial for me to collect disability benefits,” and that his father’s will is unfair.

“He gave me and my younger sister less because our mother is an MD and earns a nice living as a doctor, and because my half-siblings’ mother died many years ago, he believes that they will not receive the inheritance that we will receive.

“My brother and his son both have mental health concerns, which he uses to justify the disparity and has hindered my brother from working on occasion throughout his life.”

He thinks he should have gotten more. Is he an a**hole for being outraged that he didn’t get a quarter of the estate?

“It feels awkward to do because by nature any addition for me would mean subtraction from whoever of my siblings, who I all adore and have fantastic connections with,” he wrote on Reddit, asking for advice on whether or not to address his father.

Brinkwire Summary News: “WIBTA if I do.”


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