The latest on the UK’s hot weather: A HURRICANE warning has been issued as a 31-degree heatwave approaches.


The latest on the UK’s hot weather: A HURRICANE warning has been issued as a 31-degree heatwave approaches.

Following a late-summer heatwave, the UK might be slammed by “ex-hurricane” activity, with possible flood warnings.

An omega block weather formation is currently spreading a Mediterranean hot across the country. This omega block is currently keeping low-pressure fronts from Hurricane Ida, the hurricane that is wreaking damage in New Orleans, at bay. Omega blocks get their name from the pattern they create, which resembles the Greek letter omega in uppercase.

A ridge of high pressure is currently trapped between two lows to the east and west, as well as to the south, across northern Europe and the United Kingdom.

NetWeather has released a heat map showing highs of 31°C in northern France, which will begin to creep across the Channel towards the United Kingdom.

However, by mid-September, the weather may have drastically changed.

“UK weather to remain quiet and stable until mid-September,” British Weather Services’ Jim Dale told This website.

“However, Atlantic weather systems are expected to come through in north-west Scotland and Northern Ireland in mid-September, which might shake things up a bit.”

According to the Met Office in the United Kingdom, high pressure is keeping low-pressure weather fronts from the Atlantic at bay.

This will allow for the continuance of dry weather in most parts of the UK.

“An omega block is holding the Atlantic pattern back for the time being,” said Mr Dale of British Weather Services.

However, the high-pressure weather system over the UK will begin to break early in September, signaling the start of fall in the UK.

“The wetter weather will affect Northern Ireland and western Scotland first before spreading throughout the UK,” Mr Dale warned.

“We will see ex-hurricane activity striking the north of Scotland once the Atlantic systems pass through.

“When you get a dry time like this followed by more severe weather, floods are a possibility.”

“The influence of tropical storm activity introduces some uncertainty to this period,” the UK Met Office warned, referring to the mid-September period.

“An unsettled spell is most likely for the middle of September, with the focus on the northwest of the United Kingdom, with the south and southeast perhaps holding on to drier weather.”

Showers are expected across much of the UK on Sunday, according to the Met Office.

Some of them, at least. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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