The latest on M5 traffic: Chaos following a huge crash as Britons try to flee — massive delays


The latest on M5 traffic: Chaos following a huge crash as Britons try to flee — massive delays

After a crash, the M5 was partially stopped, causing traffic mayhem and a more than one-hour delay for drivers.

System for traffic monitoring Following a crash, Inrix reported severe traffic on the M5 at the Devon-Somerset boundary. On the highway, there were substantial delays, with over 90-minute waits on both sides of the carriageway.

There have already been reports of severe delays in both directions owing to holiday traffic between J25 A358 (Taunton) and J15 M4 J20 (Almondsbury Interchange).

The incident had been cleared as of 4.08 p.m., although there were still delays due to “holiday traffic.”

“Earlier accident on M5 Northbound between J27 A361 (Tiverton) and J26 A38,” Inrix said at 3:17 p.m. (Wellington).

“There will be delays owing to the continued holiday traffic.”

“M5 northbound partially closed, heavy traffic due to accident between J27 A361 (Tiverton) and J26 A38 (Wellington),” according to an Inrix notice.

“Severe delays due to holiday traffic on M5 in both directions between J25 A358 (Taunton) and J15 M4 J20,” they warned of traffic elsewhere on the M5 (Almondsbury Interchange).

“An earlier broken down car has caused traffic congestion on the M49 at J18 and between J15 and 16 southbound. The journey takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. 1 hour 40 minutes northbound, 1 hour 40 minutes southbound

“Traffic is congested in several areas, particularly in the areas of Taunton, Bridgewater, and Bristol.”

It comes as RAC spokesperson Simon Williams predicts that roads will be busier than usual in the coming weeks.

More than 11 million motorists are anticipated to travel this weekend, according to the RAC, with Friday expected to be the busiest of the three days.

“With the present heatwave, the stage is set for an exceptionally busy few weeks on the country’s roadways, whether on highways or smaller, secondary routes that transport people to major tourist locations along the coast or in the countryside,” he said.

“Planning ahead to avoid the busiest times has never been more crucial. We expect the number of individuals requiring our assistance to increase as the roads become more congested, but it’s not too late to lessen your chances of breaking down.”

Devon and Cornwall Police have been contacted by this website.


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