The latest on hot weather: the EXACT day the heatwave will cease – maps


The latest on hot weather: the EXACT day the heatwave will cease – maps

The UK has been slammed by a heatwave this week, with temperatures reaching 32°C in some parts of the nation, but as with all good things in Britain, the good times must come to an end at some point. According to the most recent weather maps, the heatwave will finish on this day.

The Met Office has issued an unusual heat warning, predicting temperatures to surge to new highs this week. Between Tuesday and Thursday, parts of the UK might reach 33 degrees Celsius, making it hotter than holiday areas like Marbella, Mykonos, and Tenerife. The temperature is forecast to hover above 31 degrees Celsius throughout the week, with the Met Office predicting that the next few days will be the hottest of the year. The announcement comes after the National Weather Service issued the first-ever “amber excessive heat warning.”

The warning, which is similar to those issued when heavy rain or thunderstorms are expected, is in effect until Thursday and covers a major portion of Wales, all of south-west England, and sections of southern and central England.

The heat advisory warns of “adverse health effects” for the most susceptible, as well as “potential delays in road, rail, and air transport.”

“The current hot weather is forecast to continue until later this week,” states the warning, which covers the southwest of England.

“High temperatures are forecast both throughout the day and at night, with a high on Thursday and a low on Friday.”

While the hottest temperatures of the year are forecast this week, temperatures will drastically drop by the end of the week.

The weather will shift throughout the week and into the weekend, according to WXCharts maps.

According to the map, temperatures will begin to decrease on Thursday night and into Friday morning, with a temperature range of 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Friday will be another hot day, but just for those in the western portions of the country, as temperatures in the southeast, London, the northeast, and Scotland will cool off.

We’ve issued the UK’s first-ever Extreme Heat Warning, as scorching weather is expected to continue this week across much of the country.

See our press release for more information:

Temperatures will be in the late teens and early 20s in various portions of the country.

The most of the action will take place in the west. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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