The last burst of summer heat is set to hit the UK THIS WEEK – maps.


The last burst of summer heat is set to hit the UK THIS WEEK – maps.

HURRICANE October had gotten started to a drizzly and blustery start for Sam. However, when the storm moves away, a high-pressure area may have unseasonably mild temperatures. Here’s the most recent forecast.

Autumn arrived with a bang over the weekend, bringing heavy rain and gale-force winds to areas of the UK. Hurricane Sam, a huge storm churning across the Atlantic, was to blame for the catastrophic weather. Fortunately, Sam did not represent a direct threat to land, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make an impact, with the Met Office predicting that the effects will extend into next week.

As Hurricane Sam makes her way south, forecasters are predicting a week of “two halves.”

The weather for the first part of the year is expected to be unpredictable, with sporadic showers in some locations.

Some of these showers may become heavy, with 10-20mm of rain forecast for southwest England and South Wales, with temperatures hovering around 16-17°C.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the low teens on Tuesday, with high winds and rain expected across much of the country.

However, forecasters predict that things will gradually warm up starting Wednesday.

As the storm systems pass, a zone of high pressure will sweep in, bringing with it abnormally warm temperatures.

Hurricane Sam’s leftovers are churning over Iceland and drawing warm air up into the British Isles, causing the warm temperatures.

From Thursday through the weekend, highs in some areas are expected to reach 20 degrees Celsius, according to the BBC.

In certain areas, temperatures of up to 21°C – 6°C above average – are forecast, making it hotter than Istanbul.

“Hurricanes can have some good benefits – as Sam sends warm air north, allowing high pressure to settle things down for most of the UK,” said Marco Petagna of the Met Office.

“There will be talk of an Indian summer if Sam shoves warm southerly winds and a dramatic upturn in temperatures our way,” said John Hammond, a former BBC and Met Office forecaster.

According to the Met Office, the mild weather will continue until next week.

According to the Met Office: “Cloudy conditions are predicted later next week, with intermittent rain that can be heavy and persistent across western Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as strong winds along the northwestern coasts.

“Elsewhere, dry with changeable cloud and occasional bright and sunny spells, with the greatest sun,” according to Brinkwire “..


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