The Lakeside shopping centre in Essex has gone dark due to a power outage.


As a result of a power outage in Essex, the Lakeside shopping centre has gone dark.

THOUSANDS have been left in the dark after a major power outage in an Essex shopping centre.

The Lakeside shopping centre in West Thurrock, Essex, was left panicked and perplexed after a massive blackout wreaked havoc across the county’s south.

On Twitter, one user advised people to avoid the shopping center.

“Avoid Essex (hashtag)Lakeside widespread power outage,” tweeted Tristan Jabez.

“Exit lines were long, and there was a police presence.”

On Twitter, another user shared a video of security guards escorting people out of the shopping center with torches.

“All power off at Lakeside Essex,” the Twitter user markrmifsud wrote.

NEW – West Thurrock Way delays from the retail park to the M25 in Lakeside pic.twitter.comZkOYAjatEr

“We all had to flee.”

“Hopefully, it’s just a power outage and nothing more serious,” says the narrator.

Due to the blackout, Essex Travel News tweeted that the M25 is experiencing major delays.

“M25 Clockwise: Slow moving traffic between J30 (A13) and J31 (Lakeside,” they wrote.

“Lakeside Westbound delays on West Thurrock Way from the retail park to the M25,” they later wrote.

“Power outage in the LakesideEssex area,” added Twitter user Terahking.

“The surrounding roads are completely congested.

“Steer clear.”

“Lakeside Essex has a massive power outage!” Debbie Dove added.

“All traffic lights, lighting, and tills have been turned off!”

“Can you tell me how much that’ll be?”

The police and fire department are still on the scene, according to Twitter user Rach.

“It’s still a police and fire department presence in the area,” she wrote.

The area should be avoided!!!”

“KFC UK! I’ve placed an order in the Lakeside Shopping Centre branch,” Arun Anand wrote on Twitter.

“In the meantime, a fire has been reported, and we’ve all been evacuated. It doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to return inside any time soon.”

“Can you tell me how I can get my money back?”

“Starbucks Lakeside Essex has a power outage,” wrote another user, alexandraarrowsmith.

“How do I get a refund for an app order that I didn’t pick up?”

National Grid was contacted for comment by this website.


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