The Knights Templar have been identified as the ‘origin’ of the secret society’s Holy Grail relationship.


The Knights Templar have been identified as the ‘origin’ of the secret society’s Holy Grail relationship.

A historian pinpointed the “beginning” of the secret society’s link to the Holy Grail, revealing THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.

At its peak, the famed Catholic military order was claimed to have had up to 20,000 members and was operating for nearly 200 years before it was abruptly ended. The Templars were among the most competent fighting troops of the Crusades throughout the 12th and 13th centuries, and they oversaw massive Christian commercial organizations spanning Europe and the Middle East. Their rapid loss of power sparked tales and put them at the center of intense inquiry ever since, particularly in relation to the Holy Grail.

During an appearance on Dan Snow’s History Hit, historian Daniel Jones explained what he feels is the source of their enigma.

“A little of it comes from their origin – the Temple Mount, which is what they are called after,” he explained.

“The Christian faith is shrouded in mystery, and it all stems from the Temple Mount.

“It’s partly that, but I believe it’s much more — the character of their downfall, the ugly black propaganda waged against them, and their vast fortune.

“The organization’s unaccountability, along with the military, spiritual, and financial elements, makes this an ideal organization to link to a conspiracy.

“However, I believe the character of their demise [was also crucial]— the fact that they were taken down so fast, devastatingly, and in such a short period of time.”

Mr Jones, however, went on to explain a second reason for the Templars’ doubts.

“They suddenly appeared to vanish, and people believe, ‘No, this can’t have happened,’ and the zeal with which the French followed them must indicate that they had something more than wealth,” he continued.

“It’s all conjecture, but you can understand why it’s appealing. ‘Do you recall the Lehman Brothers?’ is my standard reaction. In 2008, they vanished.

“However, that doesn’t solve the question — there had to be something going on.

“There are large gaps in Templar history, partially because the major archive – which had been moved from Jerusalem to Cyprus – vanished when the Ottomans conquered Cyprus in the 16th century.”

Much attention has been paid to the order’s early possession of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount since the 1960s. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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