The Kindness Test, a massive public science project, aims to show that being nice is cool.


The Kindness Test, a massive public science project, aims to show that being nice is cool.

TRY A LITTLE TENDENCE, as the popular song goes… Scientists are now seeking to determine how generous we are as a nation and how it benefits us.

They’ve teamed up with Radio 4 to start a massive public science experiment called The Kindness Test, and they want you to be a part of it.

The online questionnaire was created by psychologists at Sussex University.

It aims to learn about our attitudes toward kindness, as well as common examples, impediments to goodwill, and how niceness is recognized at work.

The quiz considers how different groups’ attitudes and experiences differ, as well as how kindness affects people’s health, wellbeing, and other experiences.

Questions include what someone’s most recent act of kindness was, where it occurred, and who was responsible, as well as work, neighborhood, and community experiences.

“Recent research has begun to throw a light on the profound consequences of kindness on people and communities, but there is so much we still don’t know,” said Professor Robin Banerjee, the university’s dean of psychology.

“The purpose of this large survey is to discover more about kindness in our lives, how people’s opinions and experiences differ across groups, and how kindness links to our mental health, wellbeing, and other social and psychological experiences.”

It follows earlier BBC-academic collaborations such as The Touch Test, The BBC Loneliness Experiment, and The Rest Test.

Claudia Hammond, author and host of Radio 4’s All In The Mind, launched the study yesterday.

On the questions, she collaborated with the institution where she is a visiting professor.

Experts will analyze the results, which will be announced on the station in February, as well as used in academic essays and research sessions.

Recent research has begun to shed light on the transformative effects of kindness on individuals and communities, but there is still so much we don’t understand.

Prof. Robin Banerjee is a professor at the University of Calcutta

“This feels like the ideal time to delve deeper into the concept of kindness,” Prof Hammond added.

“Many of us have discovered that the pandemic has caused us to reflect more on what actually matters to us. Kindness, in my opinion, is not something soft, but rather something that can make a significant difference.

“In recent years, there has been a lot of study in psychology and neuroscience that demonstrates that being the recipient is enjoyable. “Brinkwire Summary News” is one of them.


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