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The jobs you need to train for NOW to cash in over the next five years

Experts have revealed the more than 300 different types of jobs that will be in-demand over the next five years, as Australians battle to get back into work after the pandemic.

Industries including cybersecurity, manufacturing, education and aged care were identified as key areas of growth, with 19 in total likely to need staff.

In a year-long study by the South Australian Training and Skills commission, employers were asked what roles they were looking to recruit to help run and expand their business in the near future.

Agribusiness was found to have the most demand for jobs overall, with the industry desperate for everything from IT professionals to microbiologists.

The industry employs more than 62,000 people in South Australia alone and is looking to hire staff for 150 different roles.

The aged care sector was also looking to recruit from 30 different roles, including traditional positions such as nurses along with nutritionists and accountants.

Manufacturing is looking for 16 positions, including special class electricians, pressure welders and occupational health and safety advisors.

Education is also expected to employ a mass of staff in the near future with preschools in particular unable to meet demand. 

Despite a recent drop in enrolment numbers due to the pandemic, universities are also looking for an additional 26,600 full-time teaching staff in South Australia by 2030. 

While wine nets South Australia $2.82billion annually, employers say they are constantly struggling to find staff to help run their operations.

Employers are looking for talented viticulturalists along with local vineyard workers to support the industry. 

The SA state government has released individual reports on each sector to help school-leavers and those who are looking to transition into new positions after the pandemic left reconsidering their career options. 

The economy has been devastated by the pandemic, with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg warning last month that unemployment would reach 9.25 per cent by the end of December – a level unseen since September 1994 during the long aftermath of Australia’s last recession.

With most businesses forced to closure during strict and lengthy lockdowns businesses have struggled to pay staff or even keep them on at all.

The number of Australians on JobSeeker or Youth Allowance payments has doubled in recent months from 800,000 in March to 1.6 million on June 30, according to the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union.

There are about 3.5 million Australians on JobKeeper currently.

The government forecasts this to drop to 1.4 million in the three months to December and then again to 1 million in the three months to March.

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