The job of a “reckless” Met Police officer “who crashed a car and lied to the insurance company” has been preserved.


The job of a “reckless” Met Police officer “who crashed a car and lied to the insurance company” has been preserved.

A METROPOLITAN cop who was involved in a car accident and lied to his insurance company has been reinstated.

The decision not to fire the officer was called “absolutely reckless.” In December 2017, PC Tim Scott’s automobile abruptly stopped while driving, causing another vehicle to collide with him. PC Tim Scott, a member of the Met’s specialized guns section, was found to have broken professional conduct standards in the 2017 incident.

The police officer was travelling along Reigate Road in Surrey when he came to a complete halt on purpose.

As a result, the vehicle following him collided with him, causing damage to both cars.

PC Scott told his insurance company the next day that he had to come to a complete stop because another automobile had pulled out in front of him.

The dashboard camera footage from the vehicle that struck with the police officer’s car revealed that his assertion was false.

The officer was then judged to have violated the officer’s “professional standards of behavior for discreditable conduct and honesty and integrity” in respect to the claims by a misconduct panel.

A final written warning was issued to him.

“PC Scott’s deliberate behaviour in rapidly halting his vehicle was highly reckless,” said Chief Inspector Matt Cox, Professionalism.

“It caused damage to another car and may have resulted in significant injury to him or other road users,” he said.

“He then told his insurance company a fabrication about the occurrence.

“This is simply inappropriate behavior that destroys trust in our organization.

“I hope this sends a clear message about how we expect our officers to conduct themselves, and that it also makes clear that if these standards are not met, the Met will take action to hold people accountable.” The news comes after an investigation discovered that approximately 160 Metropolitan Police officers have been accused of sexual misconduct in the last two years.

Between 2019 and 2020, Met police personnel were accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct, according to a Freedom of Information request by My London.

The findings come as the Met Police is under fire following the death of Sarah Everard by one of its officers in March.


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