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The internet’s most popular wearable weights that promise to hone and tone your body

A range of stylish wearable weights by Bala Bangles have taken social media by storm over the past few months – and they’re now making waves across Australia.

The fitness company was launched in Los Angeles in 2018 by couple Natalie Holloway and Maximilian Kislevitz and the products are sold in 1,000 stores globally, including Baythe and Amazon Australia for between AUD$99 and AUD$139.

The weighted straps can be worn on the wrists or ankles to amplify workouts and help burn fat while building muscle to create a perfectly toned physique.

The comfortable resistance bands are ideal for yoga, running, pilates, walking, at-home workouts, core training and aerobics.

While running, jumping or moving the weights stay in place and don’t fall off, which is perfect for outdoor activities or when participating in fitness classes.

Customers can choose from three alternative weights between 220 to 900 grams and a stunning selection of colours, including blush pink, deep blue, matcha green, white and charcoal. 

In an interview with VoyageLA, Natalie said the idea sparked when the couple visited Asia and wanted to push themselves while travelling and working out.

‘We were in a yoga class in Indonesia when we realised that we could challenge ourselves if we had added resistance. What we realised is that we could modernise the wrist/ankle weight to bring them back in style,’ she said.

Natalie said both her and her husband are proud of what they have achieved and how far the brand come in a short period of time.

Compared to traditional dumbbells that limit range and motion and often interrupt a workout each time they are lifted, the bangles allow the user to move freely while adding minor resistance to the exercise.

The sleek but practical bangles are also made from the highest quality fitness materials.

The product will benefit those who wish to add a small amount of weight to their workout and achieve a toned figure all year round.

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