The influence of Princess Diana on Kate’s future – “Made life easier for Duchess!”


The influence of Princess Diana on Kate’s future – “Made life easier for Duchess!”

According to a royal documentary, PRINCESS DIANA set the way for Kate Middleton to have a “easier” existence in the spotlight.

Diana’s presence is still felt today, as evidenced by the buzz surrounding the Kensington Palace statue dedicated to her earlier this month. On Thursday, the second part of the ITV series, titled “Diana’s Decades,” will show, detailing how the Princess revolutionized the monarchy to commemorate what would have been her 60th birthday. Despite the fact that Diana died several years before Prince William met his future bride Kate, the Princess of Wales’ shadow has hung over the Duchess of Cambridge during her time on the royal frontline – especially since Kate is anticipated to inherit her iconic title one day.

During their 2010 engagement interview, however, William reminded the public that “no one is trying to fill Diana’s shoes,” and that Kate has gone on to make her own mark on the role.

Former royal butler Paul Burrell argued in the documentary ‘William & Kate: The Journey’ that Diana’s actions actually helped Kate find her feet in the Firm.

“What I find surprising is that Diana’s death created a safe road for Kate,” he remarked.

“Diana defied all expectations and improved Kate’s life.

“She did it for her son and her son’s wife, who she had never met.

“As a result, Kate currently enjoys a far easier life than Diana did when she was her age.”

Mr Burrell could have been referring to the level of control Kate and William have over their own image, as opposed to Diana, who felt she had to continuously defer to the orders of the Palace courtiers, the “guys in grey suits.”

Kate and William also opted to ease into full-time royal life over the first few years of their marriage, whereas Diana was pushed into it at the tender age of 20.

The Duke of Cambridge worked with the RAF search and rescue helicopter unit on Anglesey, where Kate and William first lived.

The couple subsequently relocated to Norfolk so that William could work as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

After six years of marriage away from the spotlight, they just chose to focus on the Firm in 2017.

Kate was able to do so during this period. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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