The Ibiza ferry turmoil continues with a terrifying disaster near the port, injuring 15 people.


The Ibiza ferry turmoil continues with a terrifying disaster near the port, injuring 15 people.

A FERRY in Ibiza was evacuated when it crashed near a port, seriously injuring one 10-year-old kid.

At least 15 persons have been hurt as a result of the accident. A ten-year-old child is among the injured, and he is said to be in critical condition. Other injuries sustained as a result of the collision are of varied degrees of seriousness.

As a result of the disaster last night, all 47 passengers on board the ship have been evacuated.

The FRS firm operates the ferry, which is named San Gwann.

The ship got aground near Ibiza’s port on the Es Malvins islets.

The ship was making the final link between Ibiza and Formentera, a small Balearic island.

There were 35 passengers and 12 crew members on board the ship.

According to Miguel Chicón, a Maritime Rescue spokeswoman, the ferry got trapped on an islet near the port of Ibiza’s exit.

To evacuate everyone on board, a massive rescue operation was launched.

The Salvamar Acrux and Guardamar Polimnia, both based in Sant Antoni, Ibiza, were dispatched by Maritime Rescue.

A Helymer 205 helicopter was also dispatched from Palma, Mallorca, to the accident site.

Several boats also contributed to the rescue effort.

A number of ambulances from Ibiza’s port arrived to aid with the evacuation.

The operation was also supported by several battalions of the Spanish Civil Guard and agents from the Port Police.

At around 11.40 p.m., the passengers who were to be rescued from the ship arrived at the dock.

They were taken aboard a pilot boat and treated by medical personnel.

The Helymer 205 helicopter was used to transport the badly injured 10-year-old child to Can Misses.

After midnight, the Spanish coastguard continued to rescue people.

Following the disaster, Francina Armengol, the president of the Balearic Government, posted a message on Twitter.

He thanked everyone who aided the injured and participated in the rescue.

Rita Sobot contributed additional reporting.


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