The husband of a BBC journalist who died as a result of a vaccine says the decision †Hit us like a tidal wave.’


The husband of a BBC journalist who died as a result of a vaccine says the decision †Hit us like a tidal wave.’

The husband of BBC journalist Lisa Shaw, who died as a result of blood clots in her brain caused by the AstraZeneca vaccination, has asked for people to be given a choice of vaccines.

After receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, Gareth Eve’s wife Lisa Shaw, a well-known BBC Radio journalist, died of blood clots in her brain. Mr Eve has urged for individuals to have a say in which vaccine they receive, and has suggested that the AstraZeneca vaccine deployment be “paused” until the potential negative effects of the vaccine are better understood.

“I think she was fairly happy and pleased about it,” Mr Eve said of his wife’s reaction to the immunization.

“She was enthusiastic at the prospect of things returning to normal, of being able to hug her mother and such such things.

“Lisa’s mother used to joke that she was a bit of a stickler when it came to following the rules.

“She didn’t hug her mother and such such things.

“She was hoping to obtain the immunization so that those things would return.”

Mr Eve also discussed everyone’s vaccine alternatives and the possibility of delaying AstraZeneca’s launch until a greater understanding of how to combat its potential side effects is gained.

“It’s extremely frightening,” he said, “that individuals are getting these shots and we don’t know if they’ll have an unpleasant reaction or not.”

“The hospital staff who were treating Lisa had no idea what they were up against or how to treat her.

“I am not anti-vaxxer; why do we not have this information? Perhaps the answer is to provide individuals with an alternative; alternative vaccines are accessible.

“It’s not like we don’t have other vaccines available to us,” Mr Eve continued.

“While this shadow hangs over AstraZeneca, perhaps put it on hold and say we’ll look into giving folks the other jab.”

In the United Kingdom, those under the age of 40 have been provided an alternative to AstraZeneca’s vaccination.

“We are grieved to learn about Lisa Shaw’s loss, and our sympathies are with her family,” an MHRA representative stated of her death.

“Reports with a.”Brinkwire Summary News” should be treated with caution, as they should be with any major suspected adverse response.


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