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The huge change coming to iconic Australian chocolate label Darrell Lea

Australian confectionery company Darrell Lea has changed the recipe for more than 100 products to remove one controversial ingredient.

The chocolate brand announced it will soon been palm oil free as part efforts to promote sustainability.

Environmentalists across Australia have been campaigning for the change for years because of the industry’s impact on natural habitats via deforestation.

‘In recent years, our customers have told us that they don’t want palm oil in our products,’ Darrell Lea’s marketing director Tim Stanford said. 

‘There is no doubt that palm oil production causes major devastation to rainforests and endangered animals, such as the orangutan.’ 

Mr Stanford said he hopes other companies will follow suit, reported Ladbible.

‘We call on all businesses, not only in the confectionery industry, but across the board to look into their supply chain and make better decisions about the ingredients they use,’ Mr Stanford said. 

But he also warned consumers not to fall into the trap of misleading product labelling, with many companies disguising palm oil as ‘vegetable oil’ or ‘vegetable fat’. 

Zoos Victoria is spearheading a campaign calling for the introduction of mandatory labelling on packaging for products which contain palm oil in Australia.

The announcement makes the company the first Australian supermarket brand to remove palm oil from its entire product line.   

Darrell Lea began removing the ingredient from its confectionery range in the middle of the August across its Melbourne and Sydney factories. 

Until now some of Darrell Lea’s licorice products including the ‘Bigger Better Liquorice Chocolate’ were still made with palm oil.

Chocolate lovers have been celebrating the news.

‘It will be my chocolate of choice from now on!’ one woman said. 

‘This is such the best news! Well done Darrell Lea! Keep up the brilliant work. Chocolate without the forest destruction guilt,’ another said.

‘I love their licorice but stopped buying it long ago, I’m off to the supermarket tomorrow,’ a third said.   

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