The horror of a family as a company’s IT outage brings down a house-buying chain.


The horror of a family as a company’s IT outage brings down a house-buying chain.

A FAMILY WITH A BABY will be homeless by Christmas after their house-buying chain collapsed due to an IT outage at a conveyancing firm.

Katrina Crowson, 38, her husband, and their one-year-old son say they will be homeless as of Monday, November 29 due to a cyber security breach at Premier Property Lawyers (PPL), which has delayed the purchase of their dream house in Newark. The family had already given notice on their current rental property, which PPL says it would not advise buyers to do unless they had other arrangements in place.

Katrina and her partner were supposed to close on November 12, but on Tuesday, November 23, they learned that the sellers above her in the chain had backed out due to the long wait.

“We’re basically going to have nowhere to go – we have nothing,” Katrina told Nottinghamshire Live.

“As things stand, we don’t have any money, so we’re in a bad spot.”

“They split up our family so close to Christmas,” says the mother.

Our son is one, so it should be a special occasion.

He was a baby last year, but this year he understands Christmas trees and everything else.

“Through no fault of our own, our dreams and plans of owning our own home have been dashed.”

“Okay, we’ll look for a hostel or a night shelter, but that’s not the place for a child to spend their first Christmas.”

My son and I will be able to apply for shelter through Women’s Aid, but my husband will have to sleep in the car.”

Katrina, a social worker, is just one example of the human cost of IT problems at PPL, MyHomeMove’s in-house law firm.

This month, there have been reports of prospective homebuyers experiencing delays in their transactions across the country.

“Many people are being left in complete devastation just before Christmas,” Katrina continued.

“Neither the company nor the companies that support it accept responsibility.”

For the past two weeks, there has been no communication from PPL.

“It makes no difference to them.”

They’re dealing with people who want to buy a house, which is one of the most important things they can do in their lives, and they didn’t even give us any information.

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