The horrified lady realizes her husband is a closet bigamist who has been married for 15 years and has children.


The horrified lady realizes her husband is a closet bigamist who has been married for 15 years and has children.

A WIFE discovered her husband was already married and a father after seeing images of his secret past on the internet.

Tom McCabe had been married to his first wife for 15 years when he proposed to his second wife in 2010. When she came discovered photographs that implied McCabe had a son with another woman in 2016, she became suspicious and sent messages to learn more.

According to the Mirror, McCabe is the father of Bridget O’Connell McCabe’s 23-year-old daughter and was a stepfather to her 29-year-old son from a previous relationship.

The Irishman guilty to one count of bigamy in court this Monday, stating that his first wife informed him that they were divorced.

“You never get away from him because you always have old memories brought back,” McCabe’s estranged first wife Bridget remarked after the court.

“His new wife began messaging my children, and they claimed she was always asking them questions about Tom.”

The 58-year-old then revealed that she took matters into her own hands and sent the woman a message.

“I sent her a message one day. I answered, “Well, that’s weird, because I’m still married to him sadly,” because she stated she was married to him.

“I didn’t divorce him because I didn’t want to see him again,” she says. He is lying because I did not inform him we were divorced.

“I don’t mind who he marries because I haven’t seen him in almost a decade, but whomever this other woman is, she doesn’t deserve this.”

According to the court, McCabe married Bridget in Kent in August 1995, but the couple divorced in 2004, with Bridget and her children remaining in Ireland.

In November 2009, he met his second wife, Maria Guillen Garcia, and they married in August 2010 at the Wood Green Civic Centre in North London.

“Bridget told Ms Garcia in 2009 she applied for separation,” prosecutor Umaima Peracha told Highbury Corner magistrates court in North London. She acknowledged that she never requested a divorce from Mr. McCabe and that she never filed for divorce from him.”

“He told me they were together for 14 years but never married or had children,” Ms Garcia told the Mirror. He showed me photographs of his stepson, whom he claimed to be his nephew.

“Bridget had his surname, so I realized something wasn’t right. “Brinkwire Summary News,” I spotted a picture of his daughter.


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