The handling of UFOs by the US Defense Department will be investigated by a Pentagon watchdog.


The handling of UFOs by the US Defense Department will be investigated by a Pentagon watchdog.

The US Department of Defense’s (DoD) handling of many UFO sightings and reports is being investigated by a Pentagon inspector.

The Department of Defense has been accused of failing to record a number of strange occurrences and phenomena that have swept the internet. The Pentagon acknowledged a video that purports to show a US aircraft chasing an unusual flying object or UFO last year. A soon-to-be-released report on “difficult to explain” aerial phenomenon has reignited interest in the US military’s experiences with UFOs.

The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense indicated earlier this month that it will review how these and other events were handled in a redacted letter.

The investigation’s main purpose, according to the letter, is to “establish the extent to which the Department of Defense has taken steps regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)” – the official word for UFOs.

The investigation will examine at the Department of Defense’s Offices of the Secretary of Defense, Military Services, and other departments.

Combatant Commands and Defense Agencies are only a few examples.

The Pentagon’s UFO report will be released this summer, 180 days after it was enacted as part of a £1.64 trillion ($2.3 trillion) Coronavirus relief bill.

The law, which was hidden among the 5,600-page document, demanded that America’s intelligence services reveal information about UFOs to the US Senate.

The measure required a “full investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting” in the report.

Nick Pope, who formerly studied UFO reports for the British Ministry of Defence, applauded the Pentagon’s announcement.

Mr Pope chastised the United States for its handling of recent headlines, as well as its response to claims of alleged UFOs whizzing around in American airspace.

Scientists are less than a decade away from uncovering proof of alien life off Earth, according to Mr Pope, who previously told this website.

“The US government is getting itself into an enormous mess over its handling of the UFO issue,” he today told his 57,900 Twitter followers.

“Intelligence failures, a lack of clear strategic direction, disagreements over policy and managing issues, and conflicting media pronouncements are among the issues.

He stated in another tweet that the investigation is proof of numerous factions within the Pentagon fighting for control.

“I rarely reprint my old Tweets, but the DOD.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Mr Pope added.


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