The growing number of complaints and boycott talk about Stahly Quality Food’s “Great British Haggis”.



An HAGGIS maker is facing a fresh wave of complaints from consumers in a protest drive, two years after defending its decision to tag the Scottish national dish with Union Flag packaging.

Stahly Quality Food markets the Scottish national dish as “Great British Haggis,” The dish is brimming with “the finest British ingredients.”.

However, freedom enthusiasts have criticized the company’s continued marketing of British haggis just over two weeks until Hogmanay 2021.

One protester, Eileen MacPherson, wrote a letter complaining of the Union Jack after reading a two-year old post.

“I am disgusted to see this,” she said. “Scottish provenance does well in other countries, too.”

“You’re going to lose a lot of business over this.”

Others began a social media boycott in protest.

Shirley Morrison said, “Haggis is Scottish, end of story, I certainly won’t buy it if it has anything else.”

Any Scottish haggis producer who engages in such nonsense would forfeit their livelihood. Hit them where it hurts the most by hitting their wallets. “Avoid them”.

The Facebook page “It Has To Be A Yes Vote” printed the company’s address, and then asked people to give them a little message that would let them know their displeasure with their items.

Controversy at Royal Highland Show over “union-jacking” of Scottish food and landmark.

“The Scots are strongly annoyed by the English naming of Scottish goods as ‘British.’

“I am sure Scotland will be delighted to hear from you!” ”

The Glenrothes-based company, which also sells other goods named “Scottish Haggis,” claims it has redefined the product to cater to a wider audience.

The company’s marketing materials suggest that the product is a new part of their haggis family.

Dressed to cater to a new generation, this modern take on the traditional Scotch Haggis is made of the freshest ingredients.

“In a chic new coat of red, white and blue threaded with tartan to retain its proud Scottish heritage, the new Great British Haggis is a very modern take on food that is very traditional.”

The ‘Great British Haggis’ was made from the same family recipe as the ‘Traditional Haggises’. I am familiar with Stahly Haggis and know that it has been modified and changed but has not lost its original appeal.

By mixing the finest lamb, oatmeal and spices, Stahly Quality Foods makes Great British Haggis a welcome addition to the haggis menu.

Stahly was contacted about the post.

It’s the latest case in the Scottish trademark battle, which comes two months after Scottish confectionery firm Mackies defended the packaging of its chocolate with Union Jacks instead of Saltires.

Those in support of Scottish independence attacked a local corporation after pictures appeared of goods carrying the Mackie’s of Scotland brand decorated with the Union Jack.

Mackie’s asserts the Union Jack is a product function intended to give the impression that it is a UK product.

A controversy arose over Scotland’s famous shortbread being painted with the Union Flag of the United Kingdom.

The Moray-based maker of oatcakes, cakes and cookies, which sells its goods to more than 60 nations, was called out for using the British flag on some of its exports to other countries.

The shortbread comes in tins in various colors with Union flags and Walkers labels in tartan. The shortbread is shaped like a Union Jack. It’s pretty cute.

The problem was discussed in the House of Commons where Andrea Leadsom, at the time the leader of the House of Commons, endorsed Walker Tea’s after Conservative Douglas Ross of Moray denounced the “unacceptable and despicable abuse” the 120-year-old Scottish business got for using the British flag on some exports of shortbread abroad.

However, she softened her encouragement.


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