The gorgeous birthday photo of Prince George has divided royal enthusiasts in a royal doppelganger row.


The gorgeous birthday photo of Prince George has divided royal enthusiasts in a royal doppelganger row.

PRINCE GEORGE’S stunning birthday photo is divided fans, who can’t decide which version of the future King they prefer.

Today is Prince George’s eighth birthday, and he’ll be eight years old in a few days. To commemorate the momentous day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a new portrait of the boy, taken by Kate.

While royal enthusiasts were overjoyed to see a fresh photo of the future King, they were split on who Prince George most resembled.

Many people think he’ll grow up to look like Prince William.

A royal fan posted two photos of the Duke of Cambridge as a youngster on Twitter, asking, “Will, is that you?” in reference to Prince George’s new photo.

“He looks so much like his father,” a royal observer said in response to this tweet.

“You can see so much of William in this photo,” another Twitter user commented. Wishing our Future King a happy birthday.

“As usual, Kate has captured a beautiful photo.”

Other royal fans, on the other hand, have noticed parallels between Prince George and other royal relatives.

“It is absolutely fantastic how closely Prince George resembles both his great-great-grandfather, George VI, and HIS brother, Edward VIII — especially the latter!” one said, referring to a photograph of the Queen’s father and uncle when they were small boys. Smiles that are identical.”

Another royal admirer feels Prince George has significant Windsor characteristics, but that he looks more like King George V than the late King’s sons.

“He reminds me of a young King George V,” they added. “HRH, Happy Birthday!”

Others who follow the royal family noticed parallels between Kate and her father, Michael Middleton.

“What an adorable, mature young man he is becoming!” one person exclaimed.

“He looks a much like his Papa here, with a hint of Grandad Middleton thrown in for good measure.

“Have a magical 8th birthday, Prince George, overflowing with love, laughter, and joy #weloveprincegeorge,” the caption reads.

“He really is like Catherine’s dad,” one Twitter user said in response to this message.

“Absolutely,” said another. He’s always reminded me of Mr. Middleton.

“Though I saw a photo of George V when he was approximately George’s age and they look very similar!”

Kensington Palace shared a photo of the birthday child on Twitter Friday evening, adding, “Turning eight(!) tomorrow.”

The photograph was taken by the Duchess of Cambridge earlier this month at the Cambridges’ Norfolk home, Anmer Hall.

George smiles broadly at the camera as he climbs on the hood of a Land Rover. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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