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The Gjora frame is the $559 IKEA bed thousands are obsessing over 

Thousands of homeowners are obsessing over a stylish bed from IKEA that allows you to hang plants and fairy lights from its wooden frame, describing it as a ‘beautiful’ addition to any bedroom.

The GJÖRA bed from the Swedish homewares store costs just $559, but looks like designer products worth more than four times the price.

Many have said since they added the bed to their bedroom, their space now feels like a ‘jungle retreat’.

Hundreds who own the bed have shown off photos on Instagram of how they have styled it with eucalyptus, pot plants, lights, decorations and even wisteria.

The bed easily becomes the focal point of any room its in, thanks to the impressive birch frame. 

Reviews on the IKEA website are similarly glowing, and it has a four and a half star rating.

‘I bought this bed a year ago,’ one person posted.

‘I fell in love with the unique design, raw timber texture and the height. It’s incredibly sturdy – not even a hint of a creak or a wobble.’

The reviewer added: ‘It’s currently the centrepiece of our bedroom – we have string lights draped over the head frame’.

She said they have moved house since buying the bed too, and had no issues with disassembly and re-assembling it in a new location.

Others online have said they have used the head frame to hang jackets and items they know they’ll need the next day.

On the IKEA website, their design experts explained that the GJÖRA bed is ‘what you make of it’.

‘Use the low end as a headboard or the other way around,’ their team posted.

‘Hang your outfits or hang fabric to create a room divider – or let it stand on its own in the middle of the room.

Owners of the bed will need to buy a mattress and bedding separately. 

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