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The GIANT walk-in room behind this ‘typical’ kitchen pantry door

From the outside, it looks like any other typical kitchen cupboard. 

But once you open the doors to this pantry, you’ll find a secret entrance that leads to a spectacular room with plenty of storage space.

The hidden walk-in pantry, believed to be located in Portage, Canada, has wowed thousands of people around the world, with many saying it’s the perfect storage solution to hide all their kitchen essentials, cooking appliances and food stash.

‘The pantry you didn’t think you needed,’ the admins of I Love Portage Facebook group said in the caption of the post.

Pictures of the hidden walk-in pantry have since gone viral, as the post has been ‘shared’ more than 41,000 times, and more than 13,000 people have commented.

Hundreds of people described the space as a ‘dream pantry’ for home cooks. 

‘That is a dream pantry. Will hold everything,’ one said, while another added: ‘To be honest, a secret room like this is all I want in a house. I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a kid.’

Many parents joked the secret pantry would be the best place to hide from everyone, while others suggested they would all all their food stash from the kids.

‘I would tell no one and on a bad day, I would sit in there, binge eat and drink all the wine – it would be perfect,’ one said.

Another mother said: ‘This is where we’re gonna hide all the “good food” from our kids one day.’

Other people said the secret pantry reminded them of a ‘panic’ or ‘safe’ room. 

‘It’s like a panic room. Where you have all your supplies for a month,’ one said, while another suggested: ‘Turn that into a safe room.’

However, many admitted while it’s the pantry of their dreams, they don’t have the space or money to have one in their own home.  

‘The pantry I know I need but have no room for,’ one mother said, while another added: ‘The pantry I want but don’t make enough money to fill and won’t have the energy to keep clean and organised.’

And one said: ‘Who got money for all that food though? Not me. I is poor.’

Meanwhile, one woman explained that while the secret space ‘looks great’, the walk in pantry doesn’t seem ‘practical’.

‘Imagine having to transport food more than ten feet constantly, whether it’s carrying it all at once or making multiple trips. I’m not talking about being lazy either, but efficiency and ergonomics,’ she said.

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