The ‘ghostly apparition’ caught on camera astounded the postman.


The ‘ghostly apparition’ caught on camera astounded the postman.

When visiting Derby Gaol, a GHOSTHUNTING postman claims to have captured a paranormal event on camera.

On Saturday, Mark Vernon and historian and Most Haunted star Richard Felix paid a visit to Derby Gaol. During his visit, the 55-year-old obtained footage that purports to show a ghostly “energy ball” glide and circle the room. The Royal Mail postman, who has been investigating the paranormal for 30 years, was astounded by what he witnessed. “It was really wonderful when it all happened,” he told DerbyshireLive. I arrived about 11 a.m., and the incident occurred around 1 p.m.

“I was changing the battery in my camera and double-checking that everything was working properly when this creature emerged. I was taken aback.

“It was like a ball of electricity that came into the room, and you could feel the static flowing from it,” says the narrator. The hairs on the backs of your arms and hands were standing on end.

“One of the females who was there later told me it made her dizzy, too.”

A ball of light appears to glide across the screen as Richard Felix speaks with Laura Martin and Lin Hughes (left) of West Midlands Paranormal Investigations about an exhibit at the Gaol.

“Smile, you’re on camera with a ghosty!” Mr Vernon exclaims, his joy palpable.

The ball of light then passes over one of the females before circling past both of them and heading straight towards Richard Felix.

The light may be seen circling three times before moving upwards and disappearing.

“When I first saw it, it appeared like it came from a skeleton exhibit at the gaol,” Mr Vernon continued. It returned in that direction after going around the room before disappearing.

“I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it, but it was fascinating to see.”

The footage astounded Richard Felix, who believes the shape was not generated by dust particles. “I was astounded when I saw the footage, and to see it so clearly on there as well,” he said.

“I was rather taken aback. Normally, dust particles fly by. This kept resurfacing. It appears to be drawn to me and remains in my vicinity.

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