The GB News BOOST campaign, which aimed to boycott advertisers, actually aided the station.


The GB News BOOST campaign, which aimed to boycott advertisers, actually aided the station.

GB NEWS has been subjected to repeated requests for advertisers to boycott the channel, but this may have worked in its favor.

GB News has been on the air for less than ten weeks and has received both praise and criticism during that period. “Give a voice to the regional communities who felt left out of the national conversation,” the channel promises. However, as GB News began calling on sponsors to boycott the channel, campaigns were created.

A list of advertisers who have stopped running ads on the channel may be found on the website

Bosch, Ikea, Kopparburg, and Ovo Energy are among them.

Sainsbury’s was the most recent retailer to cancel ads, announcing on August 6 that “currently, we have no commercials scheduled with GB News.” We ran a campaign, but it’s now over.”

Companies like Halfords, the National Lottery, and Sky are still advertising on the site.

While those who want to boycott GB News may see the removal of advertisements as a victory, a recent survey indicated that it may have given the channel a boost.

“Consumer goods brands should not embrace overt political views,” according to a poll of 1,000 respondents conducted by CT Group and commissioned by GB News.

57 percent of respondents polled felt that brands should not adopt “overt political convictions.”

Only 15% of those polled disagreed with the assertion.

When asked if an advertiser boycott would make people more likely to watch the news network, 29 percent of those polled said yes.

This was more than double the 14% who indicated the advertiser controversy caused them to turn off GB News.

“These findings highlight the risk businesses are facing when they let those engaged in cancel culture to drive their marketing strategies,” Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith stated in response to the survey.

“As is customary, these online mobs make a lot of noise, which the mainstream media feeds into, but the vast majority of ordinary people just want businesses to focus on selling them the right things at the right prices.”

Despite the anti-advertiser campaign, GB News has continued to win.

“Today marks our 10th week on air!” the channel tweeted on August 22.

“So far, we’ve:

“We provide folks who have felt left out of the national conversation a voice.”

The channel has also featured Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP, who has his own show on Mondays at 7 p.m. called “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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