The frantic father was left feeling “broken” when his son was born “drowning in his own blood.”


The frantic father was left feeling “broken” when his son was born “drowning in his own blood.”

A HEARTBROKEN father describes the nightmare his family went through when his kid was born “drowning in his own blood.”

After his son Freddie was born, John Bradley lost weight and became “more and more ill,” while physicians tried feverishly to figure out what was wrong with him. They discovered he had a critical heart problem, causing surgeons at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to conduct life-saving surgery on him at the age of six weeks.

John, who works as a match commentator for LFC TV, spoke about his and his wife Stacey’s pain as medics battled to preserve their three-year-old kid.

“They didn’t know what was wrong with my little child when he was born,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

“He was treated for a variety of possible ailments for the first five or six weeks, but he wasn’t gaining weight and was gradually losing weight.

“He was becoming increasingly ill. They eventually discovered that he had a heart condition, and we were transferred to Alder Hey.”

It was eventually discovered that Freddie was born without a wall separating one of his heart chambers.

The first operation he had was to put a band around his pulmonary artery in the hopes of helping him gain the strength he’d need for future operations.

“Basically he was drowning in his own blood – it was pouring into his lungs and he was really in a severe condition,” John, who lives in Flintshire, added.

“They got him through the first few months, and the work they’ve done since then has been incredible.

“The brilliance of his surgeons who operated on him there. You’re operating on a strawberry-sized object – going inside that is incredible.”

Freddie has had two more significant surgeries since his birth, the most recent of which was in June, when a metal clip was implanted in his heart.

“I believe you fear the worst,” John said.

“You find yourself in a situation that no one wants to be in, and I don’t believe any parent expects to be in.

“When you don’t have control of the situation and have to hand over your child for a life-saving procedure.

“Whilst you are aware that you are entrusting them to the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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